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Grappling guidelines

For most people grappling is a hobby, although you are learning to fight you should also be having fun. It WILL be hard at times, but if you don't have fun then don’t do it.


         Don’t try & kill your partner; it’s about learning & applying techniques

         Grappling is about improving & not just ‘winning’

         When grappling with less experienced students then try new techniques; don’t keep using your ‘favourites’

         Focus more on your weaknesses rather than your strengths

         Get the position before applying the technique

         Leave your ego at the door

         Don’t hold your breath; breathe normally

         Relax & pace yourself

         Don’t panic, keep calm & think

         Leverage & mechanics of a technique are as important as speed & power

         Don’t force a technique, if a technique doesn’t work in a few seconds try another, learn to flow from technique to technique

         It takes years of training to become a proficient grappler

         Ask questions to clarify the finer points

         Tap either the mat or your partner to submit (or verbally if both your hands are tied up!)

         Don’t wait till it hurts too much to tap

         When your partner taps, release the lock immediately

         Don’t get disheartened, remember everybody got tapped out lots when they started

         Follow instructions carefully and execute moves smoothly and without excessive force

         Exercise care with all joint-locking techniques since repeated application can cause injury. Particular care must be used in any locks or holds involving elbow and knee joints.

         Take care when applying any chokes, as the windpipe is easily damaged.

         Don’t bully less experienced students (you were in their position once!)

         Make sure that your nails are kept short

         Grappling involves close contact; it is important to ensure that you pay close attention to your personal hygiene

         Remove all jewellery prior to grappling

         Tie up long hair

         Clothing should not have buckles, buttons or any other sharp or hard objects, which may cause injury to yourself or your training partner.